A community made ​​up of people, with special areas for culture, family, training and entertainment.


We believe that our company is not just a working place but also and especially a community made ​​up of people as well as workers.

For this reason we have created a special area for culture, family, training and entertainment.

We provide courses of foreign languages, economy, philosophy during the working hours.

We have also created an area for our internal library which has already available 500 volumes thanks to donations and purchases.

From 2006 our company magazine edited by a group of our staff informs about company developments in terms of business, personal experiences and issues of everyday life as well.

In 2013 we implemented the most important project of our welfare policy: the opening of l’isola che c’è a daycare centre provided for children of every ages with many learning activities including workshop, language courses, tutoring of school subjects as well as recreational and leisure activities.

We have always cared about students too; we have been cooperating with schools for stages and visits for years.

“The factory can not just look at the index of the profits. Must distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy. I think the factory for man, not man for the factory.”
Adriano Olivetti