22 December 2022


We are aware of the presence of fake FARO thermoplastic hoses on the market.

Please be aware that that hoses with the following marking:


FARO SRL E13 DN5 R.H. 67R-020409 Class1 H7 ONLY LPG 10/20  20204


are not produced by FARO.


We want to protect the sales of our brand.

Moreover we want to inform you that from the tests done internally fake hose does not offer the quality standards of safety that  R67 requires and that FARO meets.

 We kindly ask to keep us informed if you know about fake hoses on the market or if you receive any proposal to purchase them.


Beware of too low prices!

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5 good reasons to choose FARO

The company, investing in technological innovation and in the development of a diversified range of products is able to offer to its customers a fast, flexible and professional service. Another distinguishing feature is the importance that FARO has always given to offering to its customers a highly specialized technical and commercial support that allow to guarantee:

  1. safety
  2. products certified and guaranteed
  3. high quality performance
  4. commercial strategy
  5. respect of the environment


LPG and CNG products to meet all requirements. with quality standards guaranteed by R67-01 and R110 approvals.



An articulated and complete line of gas products. Twenty years of experience of our company in the sector of domestic gas.

Articoli a Disegno

Customer Drawing

We produce articles on customer design in brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and zinc plated steel.